Kate got me a great rate on my auto insurance. She beat out All State & State Farm….saved me a lot of $$ I have been with her 7 years.

i couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience with Kate and Julie. We recently bought a new home and needed homeowners insurance. Chautauqua Agency Insurance made the entire process so easy. They pinned down quotes for me in no time. I had tried to obtain a few quotes by myself online, but they all required follow up information and conversations with insurance representatives. With Chautauqua Agency, we got the quote after one short phone call. They did a lot of the “leg work” on identifying our new house’s features. We were so happy with them, we switched our auto insurance too. Many people don’t use agents and try to buy directly online. I can say that using an agent was a much better choice because it saved me time and money. I am definitely sticking with Chautauqua Agency for my insurance needs!